Sexologists say that all women imitated an orgasm once in a life. Why do girls do it? Reasons are different. But this little lies can speak about serious problems. 

No to hurt him

This is the main reason why girls play a fiery passion. Their reasoning is like this: he tried, he did everything that is supposed to be done and still nothing happened… Maybe I am not all right. But he should not know about it: maybe he decides that I am frigid. 

Scientists say that the percent of frigid women is so low that you have a little chance to be one of them. It’s likely that neither you nor your partner tried to figure out what really turns you both on. Sometimes we think that typical ways of getting aroused are good for all people, but it’s wrong. And the longer you lie to yourself the less chance you have to make your pleasure true. 

It’s easier to agree

After work you made tons of housework and got really tired and want to sleep… but it turns out to be that your partner wants to have sex today. And you are too tired to explain that you too tired to have sex. So let him do it quick…

If you do all the work about the house and your man gets only pleasure how can you call your relations harmonic? If you live together you must share your weekdays and days off. Doesn’t matter if you want it or not sex is a very serious part of relationship. And if you don’t get joy and satisfaction from your intimate relations and other aspects of life are out of order, no need to ignore this.  


Usual reason of lies in bed at first night. We mean not the first night in your life, but the first one with a new partner. Of course sometimes it’s hard to tell about all your wishes at once. But are you sure that you always can be shy and imitate pleasure? In this case such behaviour speaks about woman’s low esteem and her fear to be frank not about her tact or modesty. All these “first times” happen for helping partners to learn each other. Men know about it and don’t see anything offending in it. And besides it’s not simple to get rid of awkward situation: if everything was good last night and two weeks ago why do you say that today you don’t like it? With such behaviour you can hurt your partner’s feelings: he is not guilty that you couldn’t say about your wishes and preferences…


Love Sex. Sex <3 Love