These tricks are made by unexpected way but it is what makes them so interesting. Now we’ll look through them in a detailed way:

  1. Eyelashes (butterfly). Held your eyelashes on lips of your partner, nipples and inner side of pens tip. Start slowly and then make it faster. 
  2. Towel-tongue. Take a shower together and then lick the water of each other’s body. 
  3. Silk scarf. Take it through your partner’s legs above knees, going up to crotch. As some moment the scarf will become wet. 
  4. Back. Lick it softly moving along the spine. The most sensitive place of the back is the bottom of the spine, where the tailbone is placed, near buttocks. You can add some soft biting and kisses. Then start licking the place where thighs are placed. You both will ensure it will make tremble because of pleasure. 
  5. Your hair. Men with long hair can hold out it along women pubis up and down. A woman with long hair can wrap her hair along her partner’s penis, softly squeezing making some kind of a silky massage. 
  6. Nails. Not only men have hair on the back. Most of the women also have hair little hair on back and buttocks. They are so discreet that men don’t notice them when fondle women with strong strokes. Man must take his partner’s butt so it becomes tight and fondle them softly with nails, slightly touching her down. She can do the same for him: stroke his thighs, butt and shoulders. 
  7. Navel. A navel like a cavity can be fondled by a tongue, one can put his tongue in it. If it is convex one can suck it gently. If the cavity is deep it can be used a little cup, pour some honey in it and eat it. 
  8. Pelvic nerves. They are located at the places where thigh meets torso and go to the point where hip bones slightly stand out of a body. A precise hit by a tongue or a finger can have an effect of electric shock: the body trembles and bends backwards as the amazing hot-icy feeling grows. 
  9. Enjoy! Use these new tricks smartly watch the reactions of your partner. Otherwise supposed pleasure turns into a torment…

Love Sex. Sex <3 Love