Many of us have a strong belief that friendship between a man and a woman can’t exist and adult dating is the only option. We’ll try dispel this myth and prove that the main thing in friendship is its presence and not sex of friends. 

Friendship is emotional connection between two people based on trust. We can call a friend a person who will support us when we have troubles and he won’t leave us alone with our problems. Common interests, trust, respect – these are things that make you realize that you have a friend. And if they exist between you, it doesn’t matter what sex your friend has. Be it a man or a woman, you can be real friends. But there are people who can’t make friends with persons of the opposite sex. Probably friendship between a man and a woman is possible in some particular cases. Let’s look through them. 

Case № 1: You were married and got divorced

If after a divorce a husband and a wife don’t have any traumatic feelings their relationship can become friendship. Such people have common interests, friends and children sometimes. But being friends with your ex-husband of ex-wife is not as simple as it seems. There are several special terms that should be complied. First there must be no hurts between you. If you were cheated or traited you don’t want to keep any relations with the person who did it. And second you must be sure that if your ex meets new love you will accept it calmly. Ability to be glad for the other is a basis of long and good friendship.

Case № 2: Ex-lovers

You were friends for long and then it turned out that you love each other. But first intimacy was not good. And it seemed that your friendship is over. But your communication became priceless for both you so time passes and you smile when you remember that awkward moment. After such impulses friends don’t think about having sex anymore. Because you can’t spoil good friendly relations with bad sex. 

Case № 3: You know each other since childhood

They say there must be a mystery in love. You’ve known him since you were toddlers, how can be there any mystery between you? There is only one option – to be friends. You know all each other’s secrets and are always ready to help with a piece of advice. You feel a connection between you and him and adore each other’s children. This variant of friendship is the strongest one. You don’t idealize each other because you lived through some victories and failures together. 

Case № 4: He is gay

You could be a good couple but there is one reason that won’t let you do it. Your friend is a gay. But you can be sure after a party too much alcohol you won’t find yourself in a bed with him. And even if it happens the only thing he will do is sleeping. So why is such friendship good? Everybody know the best way to have a rest – discussing gossip with a man. Gay-friend is a good person to talk to. And also he can help you to choose a dress and estimate if it looks sexy on you. 

Case № 5: You are a family

Who is a friend-husband? This is the man with whom you can have sex and be passionate but also you can behave natural and even funny. Passion fades away with time, but if there are respect and friendship in your relations, this marriage won’t break up because of some problems. Friendship is much more sober than romance and love. 

So friendship between a man and a woman is not an exclusion out of rules. The main thing is to understand that you need nothing except friendship from the person.  


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